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Who We Are

Chunmiao Little Flower is a non-profit organization operating on a grass-roots level to provide specialized care to abandoned children with medical needs. We reach out to infants and children who have been rejected and discarded—those without a voice. We provide a future for abandoned children through direct care, support, and education.



The Facts



We provide 24-hour intensive care to children with complex medical needs.


Our projects are running 365 days a year.


All administrative and financial management is done by volunteers or paid for by specific donations.


100% of all other donations go directly toward childcare.


What We Do

Special Care for Infants:

Our infant home provides intensive care to babies who are abandoned with complex medical needs. We focus on caring for babies born prematurely, those with club feet, and babies with birth defects and other illnesses requiring skilled nursing care. These infants stay with us until they are strong enough to join families of their own.

Hospice Care for Orphans:

In our hospice program, we provide comfort, love, and care to orphaned children who are dying. Although it is difficult to watch little ones suffer with terminal illness, we consider it a privilege to be able to care for these children and to fill their short lives with love and happiness.

Group Educational Foster Care:

These homes allow physically disabled school age orphans to live in a supportive family environment while attending school and acquiring life skills that will allow them to one day live independently. We accept children with a wide range of physical disabilities including spina bifida, cerebral palsy, limb deformities, speech difficulties, deafness and visual impairment.

Special Causes:

We are often approached for help in special situations. These are orphans, children at high risk for abandonment, or impoverished families with a particular financial need. Special causes include requests for life-saving surgery and school tuition’s, etc. These kinds of needs—and many others—cross our path often.


Our Story

It all started with a visit to an orphanage in 1995—one visit that grew into the organization we are today. Our work in China began with a home for handicapped orphans in the eastern province of Shandong in 1998. We were then registered as a non-profit organization in the state of Nebraska in 1998, and we received 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt status in 2000. Since that time, we at Little Flower have expanded our work to other areas of northern China, where our projects focus on caring for abandoned children with medical needs.

Of the roughly 800 state-run social welfare centers across China, we have worked with over 5 dozen. We have also provided medical care and surgeries

to children in poor families, aided women in crisis with unplanned pregnancies, cared for children who have lost parents to AIDS, and worked to translate and publish literature that promotes a respect for life.

In 2012, we began a partnership with the Beijing Chunmiao Children’s Aid Foundation. Chunmiao, whose name means “spring sprout” has become a key player in establishing a firm future for the work of helping abandoned children in China, and Little Flower’s founder, Brent Johnson, serves on Chunmiao’s Board of Directors. Since January 2013, Little Flower in China has functioned as Chunmiao’s Orphan Care Division, alongside their Medical

Division and Social Work Division. The Medical and Social Work divisions provide funding for surgeries and treatments and work with parents and impoverished families to prevent abandonment. So with a three-pronged approach, Chunmiao and Little Flower are not only providing intensive infant care, group educational foster care, and long-term care, but also attacking the problem at its source.

In everything we do, our goal is to work alongside local staff, empowering them with the knowledge and experience to continue and expand our work all over China.

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Meet the Founders

Chunmiao Little Flower was founded as China Little Flower by Brent and Serena Johnson, who first met in China in 1990. Brent was an exchange student from the University of South Carolina studying Chinese History and Serena an exchange student from University of Connecticut studying Chinese Language.

The couple made their first visit to a Chinese orphanage in 1995.  Young and unsuspecting, they thought that the children would be receiving decent basic care in the orphanage and that they would be able to occasionally visit to play with the children and make a difference.

What they found was not what they expected. The orphanage needed a lot of help. They convinced the orphanage leaders to let them foster a baby in their own home (by that time they already had their own 18 month old). The first baby led to a second, and soon they began convincing others to foster babies.

They began with no thoughts of doing this work on a large-scale, systematic basis, but by 1998, they realized how effective these specialized services were and had secured funding to open a small 12 bed home for disabled orphans. And that’s how Little Flower began. Nearly two decades later, Little Flower has expanded to multiple baby homes and group foster homes in two cities, and the organization has worked with thousands of children. Brent and Serena Johnson have always donated their time, energy, expertise, and resources to the organization and accept no salary or financial compensation for their work.

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Want to get involved? See what you can do from your laptop, desk, or out in your community. Wherever you are in the world, you can become a volunteer, fundraiser, and advocate for the children at Little Flower.

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You have questions? Well we’ve got answers! Check out our FAQ page for more information about our organization and how we work. If you don’t see the answer to your particular question on our list, feel free to contact us.

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We keep our operating budget as lean as possible so that all donations go directly toward the medical, educational, and day-to-day care of the children across our infant care and group homes. Take a closer look at our philosophy.

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